The Food Heroes Challenge is a chef-driven education project for kids. Using a toolkit developed through the UNICEF sustainability initiative World’s Largest Lesson and our friends at Electrolux Food Foundation and AIESEC, chefs teach a classroom in their local community sustainable eating habits. Help inspire the next generation to eat sustainably - only a few hours of your time creates a lasting impression to a child.

The ready-to-use lesson plan for a 70-minute workshop is designed to captivate children age 8-12 using activities, videos, workbook materials and a Food Hero award.


How to participate in the Food Heroes Challenge?

1) Register your workshop below

2) Download and read the Food Heroes workshop guidelines

3) Download the Food Heroes toolkit materials (presentation slides, videos, printable posters and certificates)

4) Prepare your workshop by following the guidelines and invite children to the workshop or contact a local school.

5) Teach the 70 minute workshop!

6) Share your memorable event with chefs around the world by sending us your filled feedback form and photos/videos to


Volunteer at workshops organized by our partners – Electrolux Food Foundation and AIESEC. Contact us for more information on workshops in your country.

“One third of the food produced goes to waste while 800 million people in the world go to bed hungry”

This important fact needs to be passed on to future generations. As trendsetters in the food world, chefs should step up and be active drivers of sustainable changes among consumers. Become an ambassador of Feed The Planet and represent Worldchefs in your local community.


To know more about how you can organise the challenge, please download the toolkit.

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In order to participate in the Food Hero Challenge, please register via the sign up form. Worldchefs will shortly contact you after you submit your application.

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