The Global Sustainability Curriculum teaches chefs how to think and act sustainability, to lead positive change for the planet – and for the improved profitably in the kitchen. The curriculum was developed by Worldchefs as a Feed the Planet initiative, and is powered by the Electrolux Food Foundation.

Global Sustainability Curriculum topics include food, energy, water and waste. Designed for culinary schools across the globe, it can also be used as a seminar by national chefs’ associations.

Best of all, it is available without cost as a benefit to Worldchefs members. And it is easy to get started today.

Why use the Sustainability Curriculum in your culinary school or association?

We are reaching a critical point for our planet, and the impact is being felt across the culinary industry worldwide. Chefs are essential to bringing about positive sustainability change.

NEED? There’s a rapidly increasing global population with increased appetites. At the same time, there is a growing scarcity of and increased costs for industry resources such as consumable water, energy and food.

BENEFITS? Adopting sustainable practices in the kitchen not only helps secure a safer food future for all of us, it increases profitability in the kitchen, maximizes efficiency, and attracts the growing market of customers seeking out sustainably-minded businesses.

Getting Started

  • The Global Sustainability Curriculum is available – without cost – as a benefit to Worldchefs members and approved schools
  • The curriculum, developed by industry experts, consists of x7 prepared classes (~2 hours / class); to be used in conjunction with existing culinary courses, or as a seminar for professional chefs
  • The teaching materials are user-friendly and customizable, including lesson plans, instructor support webinars and much more to help you implement this curriculum quickly and easily, wherever you are in the world
  • The curriculum explores in detail the topics of food, energy, water and waste on a global, and regional/local level.
  • Check out some sample curriculum materials - including a lesson plan, PowerPoint, and quiz - here !

To start using the Sustainability Curriculum in your culinary school or association today, follow these two steps.

  1. Tell us about you – quickly complete and submit the form.
  2. You will receive a reply from the Worldchefs Global Sustainability Curriculum team, who will work with you to arrange a webinar to guide you through the curriculum and help you to start implementing it today.

View the presentation below to find out more about the Sustainability Curriculum and why it matters to you.

Please contact Feed the Planet Chairman at with any questions.