International Chefs Day 2015 - Israel

Oct 26, 2015

4 senior chefs from" Chefs without Borders "went to have a tasty workshop especially for the children in Nardim village.

The chefs brought with them all the ingredients needed to make pizza with the children and yeast dough in different fillings. When the chefs and the children finished baking they all sat to enjoy their bakery.

The chefs who took part in the workshop were: Chef Hanan Sagie CEO of catering Tznobar, and chairman of "Chefs without Borders", Haim Asaf, Ira Haimson Rashad Barhom, who are organization board members of the "Chefs without Borders" that volunteer for children at risk, ill children, and more.

The ingredients for the workshop donated the chefs ,and Net member agencies.

The vehicle driving the chefs to Arad for the workshop donated Hertz company.

Ceo children village Association SOS Neli Geva: we are excited that highly chefs evacuated their day so they can come to our village in Arad, and have the workshop with the children.

We welcome the initiative and hope to have many collaboration of this kind up ahead.

Chairman of the union "Chefs without Borders" Hanan Sagi volunteering for us is a way of life, I like to see the sparks in the children's eyes during the activity, it is important to me that the children take part and find out that they have the ability to do things they thought they couldn't do before, it raises their confidence, and believing in their selves.

 Nardim village belongs to Israeli association for the rural children, that is part of the world union SOS that operates over 3 decades. The union collaborates with the ministry of social affairs and social services and runs a special modiel of 2 villages for children at risk, one in the south (Nardim village) and one in the North (Megadim village). Children who are taken out of their homes by the authorities and come to the village from the age (6-12) and can stay up to the age of 23 in adults homes. We have 250 children and teens in the 2 villages. The village model is unique, in every village there are no biological families, every family has a mother and 8-9 children. The children fit in regular schools, go to the army and have a chance to change their life and fulfill their potential and future.

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