Vanuatu Chefs Celebrate International Chefs Day 2014

Oct 20, 2014

Vanuatu Chefs & Food Handlers Association found a perfect way to kick-start its annual Salon Culinaire and honors the International Chefs Day 2014 at the same time.


With a help of Adam Khazaal, Australia's Young Chefs Club President, VCFH Association was honoured to cut the ribbon and open the very first Vanuatu Young Chefs Club in the country. The entire event was supported by Vanuatu government and Ministers, food industry leaders, national and international Chefs, who are all aware of the importance of back-boning the young generations and providing them with suitable conditions to network, brainstorm and progress.


A wonderful way to commemorate International Chefs Day, acknowledge this year’s “Pass it On” theme and share the news with the rest of the Worldchefs community! Thank you Vanuatu Chefs!


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