International Chefs Day 2014 theme: Pass it on!

Sep 10, 2014

The time has come to reveal the International Chefs Day 2014 theme: PASS IT ON!

Each year, on October 20, Worldchefs and its members celebrate the International Chefs Day. This important date goes hand in hand with an annual theme, aimed at giving pride and honor the profession, while using the opportunity to make a positive change within Chefs vocation, local communities and beyond.

This year is no different. What is more, the 2014 International Chefs Day theme comes with a twist and is named: PASS IT ON.

The 2014 “PASS IT ON” theme aims to potentiate the importance of knowledge and skills exchange, while underlining communication, open-minded approach and action for a cause, as one of the key elements to achieve sustainable development, preserve Chefs legacy, and nevertheless – make a good deed.

As the slogan states, Chefs all ranks and age around the world have been called up to pass on their knowledge and know-hows, while bearing in mind a meaningful impact they have on sustainability and society in general, and what an important role they play as mentors, change agents and humanitarian pioneers at global scale.

In the light of how to give this year’s festivity a more significant meaning, Worldchefs President Gissur Gudmundsson adds:  

“Example of what you can do is go to schools and pass on your knowledge, work with humanitarian aids on a local level, surprise kids in kindergartens, visit hospitals, orphanages... and bring back smiles to less fortunate ones. Once you hang up your Chefs jacket think about your actions, have they made a difference in the end of the day, and ultimately share your story with us”.

October 20 is your day Chefs, share your skills, passion and joy, and PASS ON your story to us:

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