Feed the Planet is an initiative to inspire sustainable food consumption among communities and culinary professionals, and to support people in need through emergency relief, food poverty alleviation, and education. Founded by WORLDCHEFS, it is run in partnership with Electrolux Food Foundation and AIESEC.

Feed the Planet - Creating Global & Local Impact

Feed the Planet initiatives are diverse and cover the globe. What they share is the unwavering mission to inspire better food consumption and cooking habits among communities and professionals, and to help people in need through:

AWARENESS & ADVOCACY - Inspiring sustainable food consumption across the world

EMERGENCY & FOOD POVERTY RELIEF - Alleviating food shortages during emergency crises and for communities facing food poverty

EDUCATION - Support the education of people to help them put food on the table

LOVE Food. Hate Waste. ... Save Money.

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Feed the Planet projects create empowerment and positive sustainability change across the globe, thanks to the dynamic and ongoing collaboration between Worldchefs, Electrolux and AIESEC.

Education for Employment

Education for Employment provides culinary training for underprivileged people around the world to enable them to get a job in a professional kitchen.

Sustainability Curriculum

The Sustainability Curriculum is a Feed the Planet education initiative, teaching chefs how to lead impactful sustainability change in kitchens across the globe.

Feed the Planet Projects

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Feed the Planet was founded by Worldchefs in 2012 as a way to empower and mobilize our global chefs’ network passionate about leading positive sustainability change. Chefs influence food behaviour across the globe, and believe deeply in the importance of using our voices to help ensure long-term food health and sustainability for everyone.

Since that time, Feed the Planet has grown into a dynamic collaboration with partners Electrolux Professional and AIESEC.

Electrolux promises to be a force for good in local communities, in keeping with its sustainability framework, and will initiate and drive Feed the Planet projects by engaging its business units and 60,000 employees. The projects will be backed by funding through the Electrolux Food Foundation, established in 2016.

AIESEC is an international, apolitical, independent and not-for-profit organization, entirely run by students and recent graduates eager to build positive social change.

Feed the Planet is providing culinary education & training, and with it job prospects, to the underprivileged – including many single mothers – in Curitiba, Brazil. But it is also delivering so much more – the empowerment that comes from learning new skills and opening new doors. Watch this video until the end to see unmistakable pride from this Curitiba student. #empower #betterlife #betterfuture

What’s On – Feed the Planet Events & Happenings

Check back regularly for recent and upcoming Feed the Planet projects and events, taking place across the globe throughout the year.

Global Gastronomy Awards 2017

The Global Gastronomy Awards, proudly sponsored by our Feed the Planet partner Electrolux, took place in New York City on September 25, 2017, honouring Enrique for excelling in gastronomy and pioneering initiatives that reach far beyond the plate.

Chefs’ Manifesto

The Chefs’ Manifesto is a movement for change supported by #worldchefs from around the globe; a document written by chefs, for chefs led by SDG2 Advocacy Hub.

First students graduate in Curitiba!

The first wave of graduates recently, completed Feed the Planet’s culinary training for empowerment program in Curitiba, Brazil.

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